Forget overpaying for fitness classes that never seem to fit your schedule. Join the experience on your mobile device and work out with friends wherever you are, whenever you want.

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Why UnBenchd?

On Demand

Work out based on your schedule, wherever you are

Save Money

Get access to the same experience as pricey boutique fitness classes for a fraction of the cost

Workout with Friends

Build a community as you help each other achieve your fitness goals

Earn Rewards

Challenge your friends, rack up points, climb the leaderboards, and win free rewards

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UnBenchd with Fitbit.

Get more out of your work out when you combine UnBenchd with Fitbit.

Get In The Zone

Aim to reach your target heart rate zones during workouts to stimulate your metabolism, increase your energy, and burn more calories.

Real-Time Stats

Check your stats and stay on track to achieve your goals.

Challenge Friends

Connect with your friends, and make new ones, as you work toward achieving your goals together.

Become a Trainer

  • + Create your own schedule
  • + Earn extra income in your free time
  • + Get creative with your work outs

The UnBenchd app makes it easy to:

  • + Communicate with your group
  • + Schedule sessions
  • + Collect your hard-earned payments

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