UnBenchd 3.0

So many of my introductory conversations these days go something like this:

New acquaintance: What do you do for work?

Me: I work in finance.

New acquaintance: Oh interesting, what do you do exactly?

Me: I work in investment management.

New acquaintance (who is now becoming new friend) begins the slew of never-ending questions on the stock market.

I have had enough of these conversations for it to not be a coincidence. I spend my days reading, learning, and scouring for information that can be used to drive smarter investment decisions. It’s just second nature to me at this point, it’s my job, it’s what I’ve been trained to do. Most importantly, I nerdy love it. But I take that for granted.

I live in a neighborhood where it seems every other person is a medical professional. Both my neighbors are residents – one specializes in emergency medicine and the other in pediatrics. They’re literally working 20+ hour shifts at the hospital saving lives, so it makes total sense they don’t have time to keep up with what’s happening in the economy, let alone then digest that information into something actionable in the stock market.

So here’s a new year’s resolution – for anyone that’s interested, I’ll share the thoughts of my nerdy finance brain weekly: an easily digestible summary of economic events, what that means for stocks, and stock ideas I’m looking at for myself. For those who want to also follow my general nerdy thoughts, I’ll also include any interesting reads/podcasts/etc I’ve come across that week. Sign up for the weekly newsletter and it’ll be in your inbox every weekend to peruse with your morning coffee.

And I am always on the lookout for interesting reads and ideas, so I would love to hear from you. What are the most entertaining, interesting, formative books, articles, blogs, podcasts, etc that you have read? Any finance topic in particular you’re interested in learning about? Email me anytime at uma@unbenchd.com.